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“The throb of Life. Sex and Birth and Death and Love.
A roiling form moves into Being. Black, the Mother of all colors, unfolding.
The Void is not empty, it contains All Things in Pure Potential.
What is this force that animates the phenomenal World?…”

Daniel Nevins was introduced to us via our good friend David Wilcox & hails from Asheville, NC (not quite hole in the wall with approx. 85K peeps) where he creates some of the most fascinating art pieces on this side of the Atlantic. We electronically interviewed him and this is what printed out.

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TribeHouse: What inspires you to create this kind of art?
Daniel Nevins
: That’s all about authenticity. Not why do you create art, but why do you create THIS art, right? In the formative years one tries on many suits of clothes… none that completely fit.
But as time goes by one finds it easier to draw a straighter line between their art and who they are and what they believe. Perhaps it’s the opposite… it’s about NOT doing what DOESN’T feel right.

TH: How do you make this stuff (if it’s not a super secret)?
It’s oil paint on wood. Oh, be sure to throw a coat of gesso on the board before you start painting. Then, just have fun.

TH: What mediums do you prefer?
See above.

TH: What’s the piece that you’re most proud of?
DN: Ouch! The “Sophie’s Choice” question! I guess the best answer is whatever I’m working on now.
Someone once said, “New work doesn’t make your older work obsolete, but it might make it more superficial.”
Put simply… the newer it is

the more I like it.

TH: When you create a piece, what’s the ultimate response you could get from someone (other than, “Daniel, will you marry me”)?
DN: One story comes to mind. A woman sat in front of one of my big paintings (8 x 6 feet) for a long time.
After quite a while she leaned over to me and said, “It tells me to face my truth.”
That’s a good day at the office.

TH: Are you a part of an artistic community in Asheville?
DN: Informally so. Many of us know each other and are robust friends.

TH: How important is community to you?
DN: Very. More please.

TH: If money or time wasn’t a factor, what kind of an artistic project would you pursue?
DN: Two pronged approach.

  1. Do the same paintings I’ve been doing except bigger… much bigger.
  2. Start some kind of community-oriented free place to make art… kids, the elderly, whatever.

The second one because a life in the arts means just that, a life IN the arts. It’s reciprocal. As our man McCartney said so many years ago, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.

For more about Daniel Nevins, check out his website at


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