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Top Ten List for 2011

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Everyone loves a good Top 10 List so in the spirit of doing things like every other website in the earth, we’ve puttogether a few responses a few people in the community ranging from Scotland, Germany, & Canada. Introducing Chris Janzen (CJ – from BC), Arno Jordan (AJ – from top10listDresden, Germany), Yvonne Lyon (YL – from Scotland), Paul Cotton (PC – from BC), Jane Eamon (JE – from BC), and Nico Boesten (NB)



1. Album (or song)

CJ: Rolling in the deep by Adele
AJ: Sarah Brendel – Before the Mountains
YL: Sand and Water Beth Neilsen Chapman…makes me cry every time
PC: Serj Tankian – Imperfect Harmonies
JE: Fave album is a tie – Norm Strauss’ Twelve Track Mind and John Smith – Kickin’ this Stone.  Fave songs – Zach Smith: Travellin’ and Norm Strauss: Unbreakable
NB: Bon Iver | Bon Iver


2. Youtube video


CJ: YOU SAY PARTY – Laura Palmer’s Prom 
AJ: Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Going Up The Country – (watch her at 1:37)
YL: Any ‘Simon’s Cat‘ – if you’ve owned a cat you’ll understand!
PC: A Pinch of Seasoning
JE: Marie Choiunard – the Body Remix, Goldberg Variations
NB:  Skinny flexible yoga breakdancer


3. Event you attended


CJ: TribeHouse weekend retreat (SUMMIT)
AJ: Fukushima, I was not there but attended online, to me the major event that happened in 2011 …
YL: Any Martyn Joseph gig or Mumford and Son’s gig in Glasgow’s ABC where I fainted and they had to call the ambulance and everything!
PC: Monashee Mtn Hike with Friends to Pinnacle Lake
JE: Lille Gard


4. Movie


CJ: Tree of Life
YL: Back To The Future or The Goonies (again, couldn’t decide!)
PC: Team America World Police – old but just watched it again
JE: The Swedish version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
NB:  Tin Tin


5. Quote


YL: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundati Roy
NB: “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” – James D. Miles 


6. Book


CJ: the Nasty bits by Anthony Bourdain
AJ: Brennan Manning – the Ragamuffin Gospel
YL: The God of Small Things Arundati Roy
JE: Mentor by Tom Grimes
NB: The War of Art


7. App


CJ: Instagram
NB: Songify

8. Show you performed at (& why)


CJ: Old Mare@Joe’s appartment on Granville street. We came into the evening as unknown underdogs, and then played a fantastic set, to a great reaction by the crowd winning over the promoter and new fans.
YL: Playing 3 songs ‘live’ on the legendary Bob Harris show, BBC Radio 2 in London at about midnight… most terrifying and exhilarating experience.
PC: Vancouver International Mtn Film Festival screened  A Pinch Of seasoning – simply because I got great feedback and am proud of my work. Fun to show off some of what makes the Okanagan the best place in the world.
JE: Kerrville New Folk Competition – amazing playing to 1000 people who stood on their feet when I finished…amazing support for the songwriting community
NB: Memphis Folk Alliance songwriter Circle. Killer vibes in a small, uncrammed room.


9. Project you created


CJ: Old Mare/ YOU DESERVE MORE e.p. Official release January 10,2012
YL: The Yorkhill Sessions – Ten songs written by young people during art therapy sessions with Yvonne Lyon and Jo Mango in Yorkhill Sick Children’s Hospital, Glasgow. This CD features vocals from Gareth Davies Jones, Esther O’Conner Jamie Wilson and Yvonne Lyon. All proceeds go directly to Yorkhill Youth Services, who seek to promote the arts within the hospital.
PC: Best of ski footy from 2011
JE: Poetry Book published – Caught In Time
NB: What Matters


10. Inspiring thing that happened


CJ: The ebbs and flows of life are the inspiration that is happening always in every moment, sometimes it sucks and then sometimes it’s euphoric.
YL: My husband recently giving up his job after 19 years to become a full time musician :)
JE: Travelling so many miles and surviving…. 


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