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Posted : December 21st, 2011 by

by Nico Boesten and originally posted on his website here.

3 years after my dad died of cancer, I had an incredibly life-like dream where I not only saw my dad, but encountered him in a way that changed my life. This song is a response to that encounter and dedicated to my dad, my best friend, and encourager until his last breath: Henk Boesten (1948 – 2008)

The Story

The Song


Download the song

Read more about the dream

This whole project was really a collaborative effort and there were a lot of people who are a part of this thing we call TribeHouse who contributed to make this happen.


When my father died
Something inside
Felt like a piece of me was torn out

I just can’t seem to find it again
Aching for the affirmation
But there’s silence and I’m left here without

I’m filled with emotion
I’m filled with the notion
That what matters — remains

I had a crazy dream
There in front of me
Just the way I remember him — my old man

Bright blue eyes staring right through
Everything I tried to hide he knew
(he said) “Son, don’t hide your face in your hands”

Now that you know what you know
So much has been taken
How am I supposed to carry on



Lead vocal track was actually the very first (and only) scratch track
Music video recorded in the actual spot where my dad’s ashes are buried
In “the Story” video, the audio you hear is the actual blessing my dad gave me in the hospital 1 week before he died
The instrumental portion after the bridge has an actual beer bottle solo in it. Watch it being played here.



Written by Nico Boesten along with Andrew SmithNorm Strauss
Lead Vox, Acoustic Guitar: Nico Boesten
Fretless Bass: Brian Wiebe
Hammond: Malcolm Petch
Background Vocals & Beer bottle sound effect: Ari Neufeld
Pedal Steel: Graham Ord
Drums: Eric Funk
Electric Guitar: Andrew Smith
Camera and post production: Jan Vozenilek:
Jib operator: Paul Cotton
Photography: Kerby Gernander & Ingrid Boesten

A huge thank you to Jan Vozenilek (Copper Sky Productions) for believing in this story and generously donating his time & heart into this project. Please check out his other inspiring projects here:

Nico’s Website:


2 Responses to What Matters

  1. Ryan Dumas

    Thank you coming and playing for us @ MetroCentral during portait kelowna week.. I was the guy that served you hot dogs off the Barbe after you played.. wow Amazing song and testimony Nico..It really touched me.. I am also an aspiring singer song writer and drummer here in Kelowna. I am currently working on some new materiel with another recovering addict. i would love to come buy the tribe house one day and check it out.. if your ever in Kelowna again come buy Metro on sunday to check out our service.,and maybe play that song and share your testimony with us would be great… Its on Leon Ave @ the Habitat..9:30 am.. God bless you all that were apart of this amazing production..Amen.

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