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Posted : February 13th, 2012 by

Rik Leaf is one of Canada’s leading cultural innovators and an authoritative voice on creativity and innovation. He is an author, poet, singer-songwriter, and experienced risk-taker. As a professional performer, producer, recording artist and author, Rik has spent over 15 years working in a highly competitive industry that has been in a constant state of upheaval. For innovative entrepreneurs like Rik, the changing landscape opened doors to a world of opportunities that simply didn’t exist before.

In this video, he shares some stories of creative inspiration, momentum and the rewards that come from being open to unexpected moments of brilliance featuring some of highlights from the past few years including Ari NeufeldAndrew Smith, and Tommy Emmanuel.

You need to make opportunities for yourself to be exposed to new ideas and new ways of learning and thinking and acting and behaving and creating and performing… You just never know what ways it’s going to affect you and the creativing things that are waiting to come out of you…

For more about Rik, his book, his music, and his meanderings, check out

Link to his book, Four Homeless Millionaires with this photo(shop) credit to Rik Leaf’s marketing team.



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