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Posted : February 3rd, 2012 by

Our friends, the Geese, effectionately self-labelled as West Coast Danger Folk, have recently come out with a new album which is getting some great reviews including this one from Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. Not only is it a great review, complimenting the unique sounds & high quality of the album, but the analogies used by Mr. Mike Usinger are refreshingly innovative. It’s great to see a hard working band like The Geese get some much deserved exposure and you can’t argue with their generous offer to download a free track via



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The Geese go beyond labels on their eponymous new album

Due to the fact that every jackass and his second cousin have a Pro Tools rig and a MySpace page, it helps to have a gimmick these days. The Geese are working that angle by branding themselves as Lotusland’s finest purveyors of West Coast Danger Folk, a genre name that means even less than “dubstep”.

What’s funny about The Geese is that the quintet needn’t have bothered with such a label, partly because it doesn’t really fit, and mostly because all it brings to mind is Raffi wandering the streets of Tofino with 12 pounds of plastic explosive duct-taped to his beard.

Folk, danger-flavoured or otherwise, is only one of the many touchstones on this gorgeously played, 16-track winner, which starts off with the dark organic postrock of “The Generator” and ends with the mournful classical instrumental “Residuum”. In between, the various members of the Geese take turns at centre stage, moving effortlessly from old-timey torch electro-blues (“Omnibot”) to ghostly soundscape meditations (“Bloodline”) to Canadian-heartland Americana (“Play in a Band”).

The musicianship is scarily accomplished, the recording quality totally pro, and the lyrics are designed to get you thinking about how mankind is driving the planet to hell in a nuclear-powered handcart. Try not to be guilted out by “Storehouses”, which was inspired by news reports that Mitsubishi has been stockpiling frozen bluefin tuna to cash in on the expected extinction of the species. That’s the kind of revelation you can file under “monumentally f**king horrific”, which, come to think of it, is one hell of a lot more attention-grabbing than “danger folk”.


The Geese Bio

The Geese are a collective of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists based in Vancouver, Canada, who are heroically introducing the world to West Coast Danger Folk; a dramatic synthesis of fate and freewill strummed, plucked and harmonized over tales of human/robotic strength and weakness.



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