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A song for Jordan and anyone else battling cancer

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Posted : March 6th, 2012 by

I am really pleased to announce that my latest recording is now available.  It is a song is called Two C Words which was written and recorded for my friend Jordan, a 14 year old young man courageously battling cancer.  The song is downloadable with all profits going to assist Jordan and his family at this tough time.  You can review the full song below and purchase it if you choose.  Please could you help me spread the word by sharing this with your circle of friends too?

The story behind Two C Words

A song for Jordan and any others battling cancer.

My heart was like a rag in a dog’s jaws after hearing that young 14 year old Jordan Unrau was diagnosed with bone cancer.  I had worked closely with his parents for 5 years before and I had seen Jordan grow from a boy into a sensitive young man.  It was too much to think of him having to endure all this.



I was asked to perform at a benefit concert with a bunch of family friends to help with some financial pressures brought on by this sickness.  A few days before the concert I was driving along and saying a prayer for Jordan’s healing, when the thought came to me, of how there are two C’s warring over Jordan.  One is a small c, cancer who is a murderer and a thief, and the other is a big C, Christ Jesus who is a life giver and a healer.  I personally use the c word to refer to cancer often because for me this disease doesn’t deserve Two C Wordsthe respect of a name. But there is also another C word over Jordan, the mighty name of Christ who is everything that cancer is not and who paid a price with his own blood for our healing. I just started singing about these two c words whilst driving along in the car, and the song just fell out of my heart.  I stopped by the side of the road and wrote out the words in my note book. A couple of days later I performed the song at the benefit concert and played an extended guitar solo at the end of it which was my prayer for Jordan.  The understanding came to me that words are essentially vibrations, expressive sounds made by air moving through vocal chords.  Music is my prayer language, instead of vocal chords, guitar strings cause vibrations which move air making sounds driven by a heart longing to communicate.  Every musician that evening must have said a million prayers for Jordan.

After the concert I asked some good friends to help me record the song and everyone jumped at the chance and donated their talents to the recording.  Two of the guys are Jordan’s Uncles so this was extra special to have them involved.  I have dedicated this to Jordan who I see as a young warrior whose faith in Christ is an inspiration to many.  All proceeds from the song will go to his family until we hear that Jordan is well again.


Written and Produced by Graham Ord for Knewsense Records
Published by Go Between Music 2012 all rights reserved. (PRS LTD)

The following musicians kindly donated their talents to this project:

Neville Bowman: Trumpet treatments
Eric Funk: Drums
Brian Wiebe: Bass Guitar
Bruce Wiebe: Trombone and Horn arrangements
Graham Ord: Guitar and Vocals

Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Brian Wiebe at Solar Nest Arts, Kelowna BC.
Video by Nico – Fair Trade Creative
Cover Photo by Darren Hull Photography
Thanks to Tribehouse Collective.

Dedicated to Jordan and any others who are battling cancer.
All proceeds from downloads will be donated to Jordan’s family until we hear he is well again.

Visit Graham Ord’s website:


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