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Are you hellbound?

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Posted : April 3rd, 2012 by

Hell. A word painting instant visuals of televangelistic sermons, fear, questions, and some incredibly creative cartoons of what it could be like. Hellbound?, a feature-length documentary written / produced / directed by Kevin Miller is looking to push some buttons when it’s released in the fall of 2012. They’ve galavanted the countryside gathering all kinds of opinions (Brian McLaren / Paul Young etc.) and it would be fascinating to hear yours.

Check out the trailer below and feel free to chime in with comments. There’s also a Hellbound? website full of resources where awesome pictures are shared and people like Brad Jersak share wisdom (SIDE NOTE: Brad is one of the speakers at Lille Gard Festival).


Once you begin exploring the topic of hell, it isn’t long before you realize enough has been written and spoken about the topic to fill a bottomless pit. From theologians to pastors to the average person on the street, it seems like everyone has something to say about hell.

hellboundmovieThroughout history, people of all faiths have agonized over why God allows so much evil in the world. Their only comfort has been the hope that somehow, someday, God will make things right. Evildoers may get away with murder in this life. But in the life to come, there’ll be hell to pay.

But the traditional view of hell also presents us with a dilemma: Of course we all want to see the scales of justice balanced. But if God is our pure, all-loving Creator, can he really allow (presumably) billions of people to suffer in hell for eternity? Evil is evil, but doesn’t the traditional view of hell tip the scales too far the other way? To many people, it seems like we can have a good God or we can have the traditional view of hell, but we can’t have both…

While recent challenges to the traditional view are grabbing headlines, people have been grappling with this dilemma for centuries. Some simply resign themselves to the mystery, hoping the logic of damnation will be revealed in the life to come. Others suggest alternate views, such as Annihilationism (the souls of the damned are extinguished after the judgment of the dead), Universalism (everyone goes to heaven) and various positions in between. Still others become so frustrated that they finally walk away from Christianity altogether.

Is it possible we’ve gotten hell wrong? Or are recent challenges to the traditional view a vain attempt to avoid the inevitable? Hellbound? is a feature-length documentary that asks why we are so bound to the idea of hell and what our view of hell reveals about how we perceive God, the Bible and, ultimately, ourselves.


Visit the website for more info:


One Response to Are you hellbound?

  1. Dorte Meyer

    So very excited about this movie. Should be very interesting. We need more people that challenge our fear based beliefs…

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