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Germany’s alt/indie husband/wife duo SEA + AIR

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Posted : April 3rd, 2012 by

Germany’s alternative/indie duo Daniel Benjamin and wife Eleni also known as SEA + AIR are playing this weekend (April 7) at the Streaming Café. The band has toured internationally and has performed something like 1200 concerts including openers for artists like Sufjan Stevens, White Stripes, Jose Gonzales, The Flaming Lips and others.

It’s always interesting to hear artists from other cultures but this band promises to serve up something unique. Judging from their recordings and videos you can find on their site you can be sure that this won’t be an average performance by any means. I actually met them for the first time two years ago in Germany. Last week I was able to contact Daniel Benjamin and ask him for a few words before SEA + AIR ’breeze’ into town for the concert.


sea and air bandNORM STRAUSS: Tell us how you got such a cool name.. I mean the band, not Daniel B.


Well as all the very good ideas it came straight from space and was suddenly there. I guess what some people don’t know is that if you say SEA `n´AIR in a German context it means “she and he”.


NS: I know it’s a cliché question, but for those of us who don’t know your music and are curious about coming to see you at the Streaming Café this Saturday (april 7) what are your concerts like?

DB: We are two people sounding like a full band by playing three instruments at the same time. A lot of melodies, beautiful voices and adventurous experiments. Catchy atmospheric pop music like you’ve never heard it before!


NS: It’s not often you see married couples touring together as a band. I mean, there was Johnny and June Cash and you guys, that’s pretty much it (or at least those are the important ones). I mean, being a musician is a very unusual way to live. The schedules are unpredictable, you are in front of people all the time, there’s long days traveling, rehearsals, recording, writing etc… it can get pretty intense. How does it work for you guys?

DB: Yes, it’s very intense sometimes ’cause you often have an audience when you do private things like fighting. 
Life as travellers is always more extreme, the beautiful moments as well as the scary ones and if you start understanding that, it’s OK.


NS: I find it very different touring in Canada than it is in Europe. I am curious to know what you two think. What are some of the differences that you are finding?

DB: The trips are longer but also easier since people are driving very careful here. Coming straight from a 3 week Italian tour is just the biggest cultural shock you can get. Then there are many practical things that are a lot different here. Like in Europe you usually get a place to stay and food without talking about it so if you expect that in Canada you will find yourself begging for a couch every night. 
Finally people are a lot more connective here, nicer and easier to start conversations. You get less sleep ’cause you meet new friends to hang out everywhere.


NS: We all want to know who your favorite Canadian music artist is. (WARNING: this is a very tricky question. It’s like deciding which soccer t-shirt to wear when you are performing in Germany during the world cup).

DB: Well, no one can beat Bruce Cockburn right? The youngest genius is Owen Pallett who made a masterpiece with his Final Fantasy – “He Poos Clouds” record. 
Secretly I love Avril Lavigne and Nickelback though!


NS: What do you think of Tim Hortens coffee? (Also a very tricky question; think very carefully before answering)

DB: I hope to meet a guy named Tim Horten who makes me a coffee. So far I’ve only been at Tim Hortons with an “o” and only tried hot chocolate.


NS: Very good. Your answers show great attention to detail. You even got the spelling mistake I threw in just to test you on Canadian trivia. Congratulations, you can now proceed to the next level. Have a great remainder of your tour and see you Saturday at the Streaming Café.




17/03 MONTREAL, L´Esco
18/03 QUEBEC, L´Agitee
20/03 OTTAWA, Rainbow Bistro
21/03 TORONTO, The Painted Lady (Canadian Music Week)
22/03 OWEN SOUND, Frog Ponds
24/03 TORONTO, Free Times Cafe (CMW)
25/03 WINDSOR, Phog Lounge
28/03 PENTICTON, Voodoos
30/03 SASKATOON, House Show
31/03 LLOYDMINSTER, The Root
01/04 REGINA, The Creative Centre
03/04 EDMONTON, New City
04/04 LETHBRIDGE, The Diaz
05/04 CALGARY, The Palomino
07/04 KELOWNA, Streaming Cafe



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