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Joshua Smith’s New EP represents a new life

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Posted : May 1st, 2012 by

Our friend, Joshua Smith, just released his new EP today to the world. We interviewed him a few months ago talking about his philosophies on life, art, pain, and songwriting and now he has recorded his best work to date. We were able to catch up with him electronically and ask him a few things about his album and here’s what he had to say about his latest EP “Songs for Ellie”.

joshua smith songs for EllieAfter loosing everything, Joshua Smith on a whim, drove to a small BC town, walked into a dusty old pawn shop and bought a beat up little guitar (Ellie). He brought Ellie home, fixed her up and wrote these 6 songs. Ellie and this EP represent a new life, a new start and thoughts from the past with inspiring lyrics and catchy hum along melodies.


TRIBEHOUSE: What was the biggest inspiration for this latest album for you?

JOSHUA SMITH: Ellie (my guitar) represents life for me, when I found Ellie beat up and unplayable but beautiful and interesting, I saw myself in the guitar. Bringing Ellie back to life was a turning point for me. Each song I wrote with her brought me back to life a little, it’s kinda like Ellie was returning the favor :0)


TH: What types of responses are you getting from the album?

JS: I have had great responses! I am getting feedback from all over North America. I had a guy in Arkansas say it is one his fave albums this year. Another lady from New York said the lyrics have caused her to look at her life and reevaluate, it gave her hope! Pretty deep feedback but I have lots of folks saying it’s a great “on your way to work” album too :0)


TH: Pain seems to be something that has triggered songwriting for you… how do you think walking through these hard times will affect your style and audience?

JS: I think style wise I will always have my own flavor. Developing as an artist is a gradual thing, there are events and places where an artist’s style is affected and they add a little something to their craft. This past year has stretched me as an artist both lyrically and musically. My lyrics have matured a lot, so I think I have opened myself up to a different fan group. I am still who I was, I have just added more to who I am now, I’m all growed up :0)


TH: What’s the best gig you’ve played in the last 6 months and which one are you looking forward to the most?

JS: Playing for the Paul Young evening was by far the highlight of the year so far. To have 250 people silent and listening to my music, my message was beyond words, I mean, that’s what it is all about as a songwriter, to have people stop what they are doing and listening to what I have to say. An honorable mention would have to be playing a gig at Good Omens Coffee House a while back, it was so great, because it was a cozy room with 25 – 30 people in it who were there to listen.

As for gigs I am looking forward to, Lille Gard is going to be a hoot! Of all the festivals I have performed at, Lille Gard is by far the most friendly, most intimate and has amazing talented musicians/bands.

Joshua Smith’s new album is available now on iTunes here.
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