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Martin Sexton – The New 60′s

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Posted : May 14th, 2012 by

Channeling some Woodstock-era doctrine with some modern day salient observations about the current music industry is one of my favorite acoustic artists, Martin Sexton. As a singer/songwriter who often tours solo and has no real record label to front the budget for my projects, I totally resonate with what Sexton is pushing here (even if it does sound a bit ‘groovy’). This theme of choosing to go independent in order to be in more control is something I am hearing now wherever I encounter other artists whether it be on a blog or on the road. The landscape of the music world is changing fast and although music buyers are aware of it from a somewhat distant consumer point of view, the average singer/songwriter is experiencing it on an artistic level and on the practical levels of touring, recording songwriting, career building and dreaming out loud.

martin_sexton_music_industryAs Canadian artist Corin Raymond puts it in his liner notes from “There Will Always Be A Small Time”, “Nowadays some of the best songs being written, anywhere, by anyone, are being sold out of the trunks of cars. They’re making the rounds of festival stores, stage-side merch tables, house concert sideboards, and consequently truck stereos, CD players and iPods.”

I also love what Sexton is saying here in terms of music being a unifying force. This was something that has impressed me even from the early days of my songwriting when I noticed that a good song was one of the few things that truly brought people from different walks of life into the same room for awhile to hear something that could be meaningful together.

Peace, flowers and grooviness to you too Mr. Sexton.


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