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Bon Iver inspires short film

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Posted : July 6th, 2012 by

We have featured Kelowna-based artist Nikki Balfour on our site before but someone (ya, his full name is Roger Freeman) just sent us a tip on this latest short film by Clayton Arnall which features some more incredible footage of Nikki’s work to the soundtrack of a Bon Iver tune “Perth”.

For those who are familiar with Bon Iver’s tunes, they ooze emotion so it should be no surprise that Arnall says “whenever I listen to Bon Iver, I can’t help but start inventing emotive short films in my head as I listen to the music. Their music has such varying dynamics that are perfect for building a story.”

Some incredible videography, live painting, and dancing by Christina Cecchini with a peek at some of the landscape of Kelowna.

Inspiring. Triple thumbs up to you Mr. Arnall & Co.



Official video:

bon iver short filmWritten and Directed by: Clayton Arnall -
Assistant Director: Rhys Albrecht –
Artist: Nikki Balfour –
Dancer: Christina Cecchini
Casting: Kim Devries
Hair: Tasha Arnall –
Makeup: Shana Albrecht –
Lights rented from Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking –


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