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Can music show us that our lives are actually important?

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Posted : July 26th, 2012 by

“I’m addicted to the ways that music colours my world with meaning and purpose.” Are you one of those “white-budded-headphones-always” people who needs to have a soundtrack for every experience of your life?

Sam McLoughlin The Default LifeSam McLoughlin, author of “The Default Life” has started a little video series where he poses an interesting angle on the purpose of music in our culture. Sam (with his sweet video skills and a thick Rob Bell vibe) managed to beautifully bring up a couple of killer questions about the ultimate purpose of music like the ancient question of “Is it OK to just have art for art’s sake?”

“The best kind of music reveals something. Something true. Something glorious about our world  and ourselves that maybe we never noticed before… it isn’t there to make us feel like we have more important lives than we actually do, it’s there to show us that our lives are actually important…”

How do you feel about supporting artists who just want to sell more ringtones?

How do you feel about art just being hung on a wall because it looks nice? Does all art need to have a deeper purpose?


More about “The Default Life”:

Sam McLoughlin Bio:

I write, and I speak. I write about culture mostly: music, films, etc––but more so about the ideas we encounter in these forms of culture. I speak about the big questions we find at the intersection of culture and faith: is music a substitute for religion? Does technology make God irrelevant? Is living the American dream the best route to happiness? These kinds of things.

Read more…

*UPDATE: Jane Eamon wrote a follow-up to this post here.


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