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Lille Gard 2012 Fest Highlights

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Posted : July 5th, 2012 by

The 3rd annual Lille Gard 2012 was intense: an experimental gathering of artists & activists leaving plenty of room for spontaneous interaction and inspiration. There was a brand new stage built for the event (which we had to evacuate on Lille Gard PaintingSaturday in order to avoid getting struck by lightning), over 40 artists from as far as Germany and L.A., and about 500 people who got together to be inspired by speakers, musicians, and artists.

With some last-minute improvising on moving the stage indoors and having people spill out into the courtyard, Lille Gard created a cozy environment for some intimate shows, live painting with 13 local visual artists, and tons of new ideas & philosophies presented by a few innovative thinkers.

It was cool to see Hellbound? show up with their tent showing the trailer to their feature documentary to be released fall 2012 (and NO, we don’t think the lightning had anything to do with them). Sarah Brendel flew over from Germany to officially released her new album at the fest (Before the Mountains), David Ruis & The Violet Burning made the trek up from L.A., and we had an entire Lille Gallery full of visual artists & live painters. As tradition would have it, the Sunday morning breakfast served up 400 Dutch pancakes with the Urban Birds playing some fusion Jazz instrumental tunes in the background on the cafe patio.

Here are some highlight pics and videos with a huge thanks to Rod Janz, Wendy McAlpine, Jane Eamon, and Carrie Harper for taking these. What were your highlights?

PS: if you haven’t joined the official Lille Gard Facebook group, JOIN IT NOW

Special thanks to our friend Sam McLoughlin for creating this video. Seriously.


5 Responses to Lille Gard 2012 Fest Highlights

  1. Ruth

    Nice. What’s the song on the first video?

  2. len hjalmarson

    “Courage is the ability to cultivate a relationship with the unknown; to create a form of friendship with what lies around the corner over the horizon – with those things that have not yet fully come into being…” – David Whyte.

  3. len hjalmarson

    The image, (or the text) according to Bachelard, is the pure poetic occasion. Before a painter picks up the brush; before the poetic picks up the pen; there is a feeling, often accompanied by an image. This image is not properly speaking the creation of, or even the possession of, the artist. It comes unbidden. Yet neither is it completely unrelated to its parent. It comes through the medium of the Artist’s history and knowing and attachments.

    And neither is this image only a creation of the moment, unrelated to the past or the future. It captures echoes from the past, and it hints toward the future. It exists in the present, and becomes incarnate with all the strength and the weakness of its host: the beauty and the flaws.

    It is a logos, a word, born of the moment yet pre-existent; transcending the time of its creation. Bachelard writes,

    “Because of its novelty and its action, the poetic image has an entity and a dynamics of its own; it is referable to a direct ontology.” (xvi) “la poetique de l’aspace”

  4. Bonnie Bylsma

    We enjoyed Lille Gard … eclectic, lots of variety, a sweet spirit and some fantastic music. The location was great, too.

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