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WEMAKESTUFF | 100 artists collaborate

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Posted : October 9th, 2012 by

I first met David Vandas 8 or 9 years ago when I was living in Vancouver B.C. He struck me then as astute passionate young man with an incredible talent to produce quality video and movies. Over the years David and his wife Anna, who herself is also a fine musician and visual artist, have wrestled with age old question of ‘how to be Artists whose life and Art are integrous to the values and beliefs they hold dear, while making a living in the process?’.

David’s latest project has been at least 8 years in the making and is a book entitled ‘Wemakestuff – Vol 1’.  It is a remarkable collaboration of over 100 artists from a wide array of disciplines.  In the book the artists are invited to share their understanding of their unique role as artists in the communities they represent.  It’s a book full of creativity and vulnerability that I know will inspire a lot of conversation related to the questions around what is the role of Art in a faith community.  Does Art have to be utilized to be valuable? If an artist is literal in their conveyance of a message are they more valuable than one who is more ambiguous?  I think Rembrandt had a similar quandary in the 1600’s! Anyone who has wrestled with their art within a faith community with find this a fascinating and inspiring book written by a group of Artists who are spending their lives figuring this out together.

Here’s a link to where you can watch a trailor for the project and also pre order your copy of the book.

Project website is at 


2 Responses to WEMAKESTUFF | 100 artists collaborate

  1. Marijanel Knight

    I cant’ wait to get this book!

  2. Lesley-Anne

    what is it about this stuff that makes me want to cry with the longing to give myself over entirely to my craft and do what God has placed within me, without limit, without excuse, within a community that understands this…

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