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Experiencing Grace by Dörte Meyer

Posted : May 17th, 2013 by

Dörte Meyer shares about her journey to pull off her ambitious interactive art exhibit called The Grace Experience.

It all started with a question, four words that changed my thinking and ultimately my life: ‘HAVE YOU MET GRACE?’ Many years back in Germany (where I grew up) I struggled with feeling like what I was doing, giving and who I was, was not good enough- always lacking something  and consequently I was very self-critical and hard on myself. As I was beating myself up about something, this still small voice in my heart whispered to me ‘Have you  met grace?’. What followed was a journey of discovery- digging deep into the meaning of grace and experiencing its liberating effects. Out of that question a song was born, entitled – you guessed right- ‘Have you met Grace?’ In it, I explore the idea that grace is not just a word, a concept, a theory, but what if it was as personal as a person itself, what if it could be experienced like meeting and interacting with a human being?

That notion really birthed the idea of the ‘Grace Experience’. To make a ‘word’ a ‘theory’ and a ‘theology’ into something tangible and I knew the arts were key to that. I am not interested in talking somebody into my beliefs, into what I have found to be true about God. But if I can have the opportunity to invite somebody into tasting a bit of what I’ve found to be the greatest love there is, I’m all for it. For me experiencing grace, has changed me from the inside out- it’s not only become the reality of God’s full acceptance and forgiveness of me, but also the power that lets me change, lets me turn from things that hurt me and others around me.

After carrying this idea in my heart for about eight years or so, sharing it here and there with trusted friends and pondering on how it could be put into reality it seemed that finally the time had come to take some steps in the direction to actually make it happen. Through the generous support from the Tribehouse community and friends, we set 5/5 to be the date for the Grace Experience. A very symbolic date, being that 5 is actually thought of as the number of grace. 25 artists signed up to be a part of the event, some of them I didn’t even know before and have become friends with through the joint venture.

We had sounds of grace (live music), words of grace (poetry), movements of grace (dance), shapes of grace (pottery), colors of grace (live painting & art gallery), snapshots of grace (photography), scenes of grace (video) and several interactive ‘stations’ like a chalk wall to write on how we define grace or a collaborative painting table. The event itself really exceeded my expectations – the incredible art pieces created and presented, the enthusiastic buy-in from the artists involved and the kind reception of this somehow new concept of an exhibit by the people that came was amazing. Together I believe we were able to create an environment where grace could be explored and experienced.

I want to thank all the artists that were involved in making this dream a reality: the Tribehouse community, the Kryskos/Bo.ttega and New Horizon Productions and my friends that encouraged me to dream.

Dörte Meyer is a freelance graphic designer, musician, photographer and educator originally from Germany and now based in Kelowna, BC Canada. Her company is called Flying Graphics Multimedia Services

Link to “Have you met Grace” – the song that inspired the event:

Link to the Grace Experience video recap:

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