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Lille Gard – Art as a crop?

Posted : June 21st, 2013 by

With only a week to go before we host our 4th annual Lille Gard Festival we are in the crazy last stages of organizational chaos that everyone who has ever planned a big event will know all about. Have we contacted everyone? What have we forgotten? The hundreds of small details are like having a hundred helium-filled balloons on strings and trying to gather them all into one place so they can be held in one hand.  It’s amazing to see how important it is to have those with the admin skills needed to pull things like this together.  In our Tribehouse community we are fortunate to have not only some amazing creative artisans in our midst but also those who know how to bring creative administration into the mix to pull everything together so that the art can be exhibited and thus enjoyed.  You really do need both, and usually they are best experienced in community because rarely are both gifts found in one person alone.

I have been reflecting a lot on what we are hoping to achieve by hosting another music and arts festival over the Canada Day long weekend, and the very name of our festival has caused me to focus my thoughts on the concept of farming.  You see, the phrase ‘Lille Gard’ comes from the Scandinavian words which mean Little Farm, and the property that the festival is hosted at (Bottega Farm Inn)  was originally called Lille Gard.

A little farm is a good analogy for what we are attempting to do, in that we are planting seeds this weekend and attempting to grow something that will nourish the community and bring life and sustenance.  The crop is obviously the Arts, but also it is something a lot harder to quantify because it takes time to see–the character of the artists and the response of those who will interact with their work.

We are not interested in force-feeding the soil of creativity to produce a bumper crop that will quickly perish or have few nutrients; rather we are interested in creating a supportive environment that is sustainable and holistic, organic so to speak. So the spiritual climate is vital, the soil has to be rested, the atmosphere needs to be encouraging of creativity, and care must be given to ensure that supportive nurture occurs. We don’t just want to gorge on a crop this weekend, but we also want to be mindful of the fact that we will also need seed for next year and the coming years too.

The Arts really are like food, soul food, nourishment in the journey.  As festival organisers we hope that people will come and relax and take time to enjoy the process of Art and not only consume but also sow into the field of creativity in our community.  Let’s buy local; let’s buy organic; lets support the local artistic farmers whatever crop they are toiling to produce.

Lille Gard Festival starts on Friday 28th June and runs till Sunday June 30th.  For the full schedule and to Purchase tickets for Lille Gard Festival go to


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