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Katalyst Artist Gathering with – Thomas Cantley

Event Details

Event Date: February 6th, 2014
Venue: Streaming Cafe
Event Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: Free

Ballsy or what?

We are thrilled to have Thomas Cantley sharing with us at our next Katalyst Artist Gathering. Thomas who is also known as ‘Ballsy’ is a young film maker and photographer originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia who as part of his work uses his talents to document the stories of the many brave people battling Cancer.  His passion and drive for this work is born out his own experiences with testicular cancer which he describes below.

This past August, Thomas rolled a 6-foot wide, flesh-colored rubber ball 2,175 miles from Toronto to Vancouver to raise awareness about testicular cancer.  This guy is seriously ballsy!

You can read more of this story in Men’s’s article here.

Thomas currently resides in Kelowna where he continues his amazing work.



Here’s his story:

One day in 2009, Thomas Cantley’s left testicle swelled to the size of an orange and became excruciatingly painful. “I couldn’t even put pants on,” he says. “I was screaming.” Today, Cantley is one of the most outspoken voices in the fight against testicular cancer. He’s even got a great nickname: Ballsy. But back then, he was just another 26-year-old who had ignored the warning signs.

Sure, he had felt gnawing pain in his groin and abdomen for some time, but he brushed it off. After all, he was making a name for himself as a budding filmmaker and photographer in NYC, and didn’t have the time to worry about health concerns.  Then, Cantley was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer. It had spread to his lymph nodes, and if left untreated, would spread through his body and eventually to his brain.

So he flew home to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to get the testicle removed. Surgeons opened him up to take out infected lymph nodes, too. In recovery, he wished for blunt, honest talk about what to expect. There was no guy with one nut talking about fertility or sex drive. So Cantley decided to become that voice.

He became Ballsy……….

(excerpt taken from the ‘Men’s Health’ article by Pete Wayner)


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