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Adam Dickens is a photographer and designer based in London, working in the UK, East Africa and Asia.

Adam Dickens’ design work is very well known in the UK having built websites and created print materials for many well known companies and organisations there.  Adam mainly uses his own photographs in his design work too.

Although he is a very sought after designer (and a fine musician too) He would probably say that design is what pays the bills but his over riding passion is photography.  Adam has a unique mission to use his skills in photography and film making to assist “the poorest of the poor” find ways out of poverty. The charities he works with are helping whole communities out of poverty, restoring dignity and lost hope.

This is how Adam describes his journey into his inspiring work.  ” In 2009 a friend came to me with a problem.  She had built a school for orphans in Zambia but she was having trouble raising money back in the UK. It was a small charity with limited resources and they were struggling to tell their story. She asked me  “would I help, would I go out to Zambia, would I take some pictures so they could tell their story better and raise more money?” I said yes. I took time off work, I flew out to Africa for the first time in my life; and the long and the short of it is that the pictures I took helped them raise over £45,000 in one evening. I was absolutely blown away.  Long story cut short, the word spread and in the last 5 years I’ve made 18 trips. I’ve flown the equivalent of 8 times around the world. I’ve taken over 100,000 photos, and 7 small charities have raised over £300,000. My challenge is that it takes time! I’ve spent a total of six months away from my work and family without being paid which is fine, it’s my choice and I’ve loved every minute of it. People say I have a gift. This just happens to be my way of giving back, making a difference, and my dream is to carry on doing that forever.”  

 Watch the film below to see how Adam uses photography to change lives and find out how you can get involved. 

Stories Pictures Funding from adam dickens on Vimeo.

Adam’s latest goal is to raise £8,000 so that he can help 4 small charities change the world. His ambition in 2015 is to raise £100,000 for these charities through his photographic documentation of their stories.  

If you would like to be a part of what Adam is attempting to achieve you can give to his crowd sourcing fund. Whatever you give even if it is just a penny will make a real difference. 

To go to Adam’s Crowd Funding site please click here: GOOD FRUIT

Personal endorsement: I have known Adam and his wife Ali for over 20 years. Adam is the real deal. He has taken on these projects at a tremendous personal cost and both Ali and him are totally committed to helping others through the gifts they have been given.  Adam could probably be making a personal fortune with his talents and  yet chooses to be involved in the charity work he is doing to help others.  AMAZING WORK!  (Graham Ord, Director at TribeHouse)


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Adam Dickens is a photographer and designer based in London, working in the UK, East Africa and Asia.

Adam Dickens’ design work is very well known in the UK having built…

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