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We are an artist collective interested in creating a culture of collaboration and conversation about the mystery of faith, arts, and social justice.

As a collective, we value quality art of all disciplines, collaboration rather than competition, and the development of integrity as artists. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of grassroots creativity that uses the arts to not only make a social justice impact but also facilitate a conversation about the mystery of how faith, arts and justice collide. With a large emphasis on supporting independent artists of all kinds through events in the virtual & non-virtual world, we are intentional about working to support each other in our projects as well as sharing our resources for the greater good of the community.

TribeHouse is mostly made up of people who are essentially followers of Jesus who are committed to being totally authentic in our expressions of creativity.  We are motivated by the belief that our Art should be congruent with our faith.  We are people who are engaged in the search for a wider vocabulary through which to express our faith which is most naturally expressed by us through art and social justice.

In short, we want to be a part of creating art that matters but in all honesty, we don’t really know what this will look like since the result of what this collective becomes is completely dependent on what you are wanting to contribute. What do you bring to the collective?

For the past couple of months, we’ve been conversing with the non-virtual community around town at events like Songwriter Circles, Katalyst, and Lille Gard but our virtual community has been on Facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, rants, and especially your art. Whether it’s music, photography, painting, or deep thoughts – let’s see what we can create together.




Graham OrdGraham Ord

…is a key contributor & organizer of events, articles, and the direction of TribeHouse. He started the monthly Katalyst Artist Gatherings and is an all around good guy with a thick, thick, British accent. He’s an accomplished singer/songwriter who lives in Kelowna, BC and is most recently learning to play the pedal steel guitar.
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Norm StraussNorm Strauss

…is not only a veteran concert/recording artist who has toured (and lived) extensively in Canada, Europe and parts of the USA, but also the only person on the TribeHouse team who can legitimately say he’s been a lumberjack. Norm is also a seminar speaker, record producer and has a touring schedule that takes him all over the place.
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Nico BoestenNico Boesten

…is a husband, father, producer, singer/songwriter, drummer, soccer lover, and least importantly a novice land kiteboarder. Nico handles a lot of the web techy stuff & helps to connect the community both virtually & non-virtually. He also claims to have the biggest nose in all of Kelowna where he resides, and not even Chuck Norris would argue with him on that.
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Dave & Debbie Moore

…ran a successful business in the UK Music Industry before moving to Canada three years ago. As well as bringing a wealth of business experience, they are both passionate about seeing the development of music as a voice in our times, as well as issues of social justice and advocating for the disadvantaged. Dave believes in ‘three chords and the truth‘, and occasionally picks up the bass guitar. Debbie is a closet classical musician who can guarantee being left undisturbed by their 5 children by playing Mozart in the office!

Artists, Friends, & Organizations we Follow

David Wilcox
Sarah Brendel
Ari Neufeld

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Jon Bryant
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Ryan Donn
Sam McLoughlin
Billy Crockett
Mark Irving
Sam Mcloughlin
Vicki Genfan

Corey Doak

Mark Iriving
Joshua Smith


Greenbelt Festival
Andy Crouch (Culture Making)
Schloss Roehrsdorf
Metro Community
Streaming Cafe
Creator’s Arts Centre
Global Citizen Kelowna
Blue Rock

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