Neil Gaiman's advice – make good art

Posted: Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Neil Gaiman recently gave an inspiring speech at the University of the Arts (2012). He leaves this graduating class with some gems of advice that any artist will be able to resonate with. As a bestselling author, Gaiman has long been one of the top writers in comics and is listed in the Dictionary of Literary […]

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Indie book publishing tricks from Elle Strauss

Posted: Monday, May 28th, 2012

We recently had Indie Author Elle Strauss speak at Katalystabout her experiences in the indie publishing world. As someone who has spent the last couple of years dedicated to research on how to be successful as an independent author by building up a social network and following online, Elle has a lot to offer. She […]

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TribeHouse hosts Paul Young (Author of The Shack)

Paul Young rattles Bottega

Posted: Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Well, the conversation with Paul Young (author of the Shack) the other night at Bottega really seemed to shake the nest (in the best sense of that phrase). There has been a flood of emails, comments, blog posts, and requests for more of these types of events since he spoke. This event was Part 2 […]

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simon sinek

Verbal bombs of inspiration from a TED talk

Posted: Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

The other night at the Artists & Activists event I had a conversation with Karl Hourigan who dropped a bomb on me. Not the smelly kind. Not the destructive kind. But a verbal bomb of inspiration that lingers around your head like a mosquito on a camping trip. He told me about a concept (and […]

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christians and kitsch

Can art shape your faith or unfaith?

Posted: Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

This article was passed on to us by our friends involved with We Make Stuff. It was written by Betty Spackman in an article called “Wounded for Our Visual Transgressions…” published by Transpositions. Reposted with permission. Good art opens the mind and emotions. It stretches one’s perspective, questions one’s beliefs, agitates apathy, and invites one to explore […]

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Elle Strauss

Katalyst | Author Elle Strauss

Event Date:

Elle Strauss, a local Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction author, will be sharing some of her thoughts and wisdom on Entrepreneurial Authorship – what it means to be an indie/self publisher in today’s book market. With her decision to go “indie” and self-publish her books through Amazon, she has learned a lot about networking, blogging, and […]

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