The Grace Experience | An interactive exhibit

Event Date:

An interactive exhibit exploring the topic of grace through different art forms. Talented Okanagan based artists, musicians, painters and dancers along with web submissions from all over the world will ensure that this is a unique and memorable experience.   Participants are invited to walk through this interactive exhibit at the beautiful Bo.ttega Farm Inn […]

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Todd Ramsay Animation

TEN-TEN-TEN | Todd Ramsay – Animation & Creativity

Event Date:

One of the 10 artists who performed at the TEN-TEN-TEN event at Bo.ttega Farm Inn was Todd Ramsay, Doctor of Animation, where he shared his story on how he got into this business of animation along with some of his brilliant creations. TEN-TEN-TEN was an experimental event held on May 24, 2012 at Bo.ttega Farm Inn. The concept behind […]

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Paul Young

Paul Young Interview videos

Event Date:

A couple of months ago we hosted “A conversation with Paul Young” (AKA William P. Young) at Bottega Farm Inn which had an emphasis on how his book, The Shack, had such a massive impact on so many people around the world. Paul calls this accidental success “one of God’s biggest jokes” and talked about the journey […]

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Bruce and Brian Wiebe

TEN-TEN-TEN | Bruce and Brian Wiebe

Posted: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

This is a clip from the twin-brother duo, Bruce & Brian Wiebe, who performed a unique spoken word / ney flute collaboration at the TEN-TEN-TEN event we hosted as part 3 of the Lille Gard Discussion Series leading up to the Lille Gard Festival. Bruce & Brian Wiebe will be making an appearance at the […]

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lille gard festival

Lille Gard Ridiculous Promo 2012

Posted: Friday, April 20th, 2012

…because every festival needs a ridiculous 55 second promo especially created with Indiana Jones fans in mind. For more info on the festival, hop on over to WARNING: may contain scenes and promises that have hints of being over the top and over promising. But, rest assured that no livestock or people were seriously […]

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TribeHouse hosts Paul Young (Author of The Shack)

Paul Young rattles Bottega

Posted: Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Well, the conversation with Paul Young (author of the Shack) the other night at Bottega really seemed to shake the nest (in the best sense of that phrase). There has been a flood of emails, comments, blog posts, and requests for more of these types of events since he spoke. This event was Part 2 […]

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